DELL Precision 3650 Workstation (I7-11700 /128GB/1TB SSD*2+4TB SATA*2/QUADRO RTX 3090)

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Windows and Ubuntu Linux workstation with great computing power

DELL Precision 3650 Workstation (I7-11700 /128GB/1TB SSD*2+4TB SATA*2/QUADRO RTX 3090)

Born for creating popular content in the future
The entry-level vertical workstation with reasonable price and expandability allows you to easily use the powerful performance of the workstation to create a variety of VR content with excellent reliability.

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Unmatched performance and affordability

Get ultimate power without sacrificing your budget on the affordable Dell Precision 3000 Series workstations. Elevate your ideas with professional performance, industrial small form factor designs and Dell’s Reliable Memory Technology Pro. 

Professional effectiveness

Ultimate performance: 11th generation Intel® Core™ and Xeon® processors combined with vPro technology can provide enterprises with workstations with high performance, management capabilities, and security, so that they can easily respond to actual creative work with no compromises Performance.
Exceeding the limit: With 128 GB ECC/NECC memory with a speed of up to 3200 MHz, the transmission capacity is increased and the most arduous tasks can be successfully completed.
Expandable and flexible: Expandable storage devices equipped with PCIe NVMe solid-state drives and SATA hard drives can be configured up to 32 TB to respond to complex projects with the highest performance. 

Dell Optimizer for Precision

ExpressConnect No matter where you work, the new ExpressConnect can automatically connect to the strongest access point in the office and direct bandwidth to important applications.
ExpressResponse  You can use Intel® Adaptix™ technology to prioritize the most important applications so that these items can be opened faster and executed more efficiently.
Smart audio is like a collaborative experience in the same room. The intelligent audio function can enhance the audio quality and reduce background noise, giving you a clear voice call experience, and at the same time creating a better conference experience for everyone.
The analysis function analyzes your system and generates detailed reports for workload, system performance, and system diagnosis to help you create personalized performance based on your own working style.

DELL Precision 3650 Workstation

Support VR technology
The Precision 3650 Tower allows you to enjoy amazing VR technology at an unexpectedly affordable price. Equipped with the latest AMD Radeon™ Pro and NVIDIA® professional graphics cards, it supports up to 350 W graphics cards. The Precision 3650 Tower has trusted workstation-level performance, allowing you to easily create VR content. 

Designed for creativity and ingenuity
Powerful efficiency: The Precision 3650 Tower adopts a space-saving industrial design and has a higher expansion capability than the previous generation.
High-quality design: Made of high-quality materials, it does not take up space, while taking into account the quality, allowing you to easily handle the heavy work.
Stronger connectivity: With a variety of easily accessible ports, you can connect to any device you need at any time; the optional smart card (CAC/PIV) reader can ensure the safety of your intellectual property. In addition, you can also purchase a second Ethernet port, 10 GbE network card or Intel AX210 Wi-Fi 6E according to your needs to get a better connection.

DELL Precision 3650 Workstation
DELL Precision 3650 Workstation

Give you the reliability that meets your needs
Dell Reliable Memory Technology Pro (RMT) technology: can protect your work results and avoid potential crashes related to memory errors. This technology works with ECC memory to detect and correct or find memory errors. RMT Pro can also monitor the health of the memory and warn the user when the memory error status is at a serious level and must be replaced.
Independent Software Vendor (ISV) certification: Precision workstations are all tested to ensure that the high-performance applications you rely on every day run smoothly. Dell’s ISV certification covers a variety of well-received independent software applications.

Six reasons for developers to choose Ubuntu desktop
artificial intelligence and machine learning

Ubuntu Desktop is the platform of choice for artificial intelligence and machine learning

No other operating system like Ubuntu has extensive and in-depth libraries and teaching resources in these areas. Supported architectures include popular open source projects such as OpenCV, TensorFlow, Theano, Keras and PyTorch.

GPU graphics leader Nvidia uses Ubuntu as the default execution environment for its deep learning. Google has also jointly developed Ubuntu-based Kubeflow with Canonical, making it easier for developers to deploy AI tools and environments.

From development to production environment ,operating system use experience is completely consistent

When doing artificial intelligence and machine learning projects, developers will use Ubuntu Desktop as the development environment, then use the Ubuntu environment to test and train models on workstations or servers, and finally deploy the trained models to the terminal device. The same is to execute the Ubuntu container. Such a homogeneous operating environment will make cross-system integration very easy.

use experience is completely consistent
Use Ubuntu container Snaps to make the program run seamlessly

Use Ubuntu container Snaps to make the program run seamlessly

Whether you use Desktop, Cloud or IoT devices, the Snaps container makes cross-platform execution very easy. In addition, Snaps allows connected devices to update automatically to maintain the best security status and save a lot of manual update time.

Freedom of hardware and software

Ubuntu is built in an open source environment and maintained by the community and the company's professional team. Developers have a lot of tested software available. The professional team will also test and verify the hardware driver to keep your machine in its best condition.

Freedom of hardware and software
Unparalleled technical support

Unparalleled technical support

As long as you have any questions, the Ubuntu community welcomes you to ask questions or find answers on your own. You can also contract with the company to provide professional technical support. Compared with the closed Windows operating system, technical support is always the biggest highlight of the open source environment.

Certified hardware provides a great experience

For example, both Dell Latitude and Precision Workstation can be shipped with Ubuntu Desktop pre-installed, saving a lot of operating system and driver installation time. These certified hardware can be used immediately by developers as soon as they get the machine, and can be restored to factory settings at any time even when there is a problem in the operating environment, which is very convenient.


Certified hardware provides a great experience
Learn more about Ubuntu Desktop applications

Ubuntu Desktop is a truly diversified and almost zero-cost open source application platform.You can enjoy high-quality applications and development environment without worrying about subsequent software purchase costs. The only thing to do is to use the new application with an open mind to complete the tasks you want. Anything is possible!       Discover More

Ubuntu Desktop 20.04 LTS

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