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The ecosystem of Linux and all open source software is basically rich and diverse. These programs are developed collaboratively on the Internet to improve their functions, but they also generate many areas that need to be patched or discussed. The more feedback from users, the better the quality of the programs, so the active user community is the key to the successful deployment of open source programs.

Compared with commercial closed source software, open source software has an advantage in technical support. Generally, commercial software relies heavily on the original supplier to provide technical support, but because the program is closed source, and even all error records are incomprehensible codes, it has no choice but to queue up for the original supplier to respond. However, open source software is different. Engineers of a certain level can find out the problem from the rich error log, and even find the answer in the community search. This will greatly increase the speed of the project, instead of passively waiting for the original supplier to respond.

However, in addition to understanding the structure of open source software, the most important thing for companies to operate stable open source software is to find out related causes from the error log, quickly solve problems, and avoid interruptions in operations. This is the LinuxYes maintenance contract can help companies run open source software solutions. Plan to make up for the lack of relevant talents in the enterprise.

Service Features

  • Each maintained server has regular monitoring services. When the system is disconnected or the network performance is low, our service personnel can receive email and IM notifications in advance, and remotely connect in advance for processing.
  • Each maintenance server provides traffic analysis
  • Regularly remotely connect to the server management software to ensure the health of the hardware. If the system is abnormal, the customer will be notified in advance to replace it.
  • When the customer mails the problem to support@ , the problem reporting system will generate a Ticket,
  • Leave a record of mail transactions on the system, and customers can log in to the system for inquiries in the future.
  • In addition to email, LinuxYes also provides IM accounts for real-time problem communication.
  • All contracted customers enjoy unlimited technical support throughout the year
  • LinuxYes maintenance host can sign confidentiality clauses with customers to ensure that data is not leaked.

Service types

Basic Plan

5*8 Monday to Friday, working hours 9:00 AM-18:00 PM
Response within eight hours of the day

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Standard Plan

7 *8 Monday to Friday working hours plus Saturday and Sunday 9:00 AM-18:00 PM
8 hours response of the day

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Advanced Plan

7*24 all year round
Response within four hours of the day

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By  Counts

Suitable for customers with low maintenance frequency
5*8 Monday to Friday, working hours 9:00 AM-18:00 PM Response within eight hours of the day

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