Can and can't replace Windows with Ubuntu Desktop
If there is only a congested Windows highway that leads directly to Rome, then maybe I will choose the Ubuntu Desktop country road, bypassing countless hills to arrive in Rome. First of all, why do you have the idea to switch the operating system platform?
    DELL Ubuntu Linux Laptop

The first is that the computer is a little old, and running Windows slows down. Both Windows and MacOS require a lot of hardware resources to run, while Ubuntu Desktop consumes a lot less resources.

Then again, Windows was affected three or five times a year. Seeing the news, many well-known companies have been infected and shut down their operations  in chaos. It is scary to continue using Windows. Viruses are very rare on the Linux platform and basically do not need to install any anti-virus software. Very safe to use.

As a Linux network system administrator, I manage various Linux systems through ssh. Ubuntu's native terminal makes it very convenient for me to edit system configuration files. Occasionally if need to manage the Windows system, it is very convenient to connect to the Windows desktop through the remmina remote desktop.

Our company does not use Office 365, We use LibreOffice for documents, and Zimbra webmail for mail. They all works well. Ubuntu Desktop also supports cloud services such as Exchange/Office 365. If you must use Microsoft's services, that's not a problem. Other works  such as connecting to file servers/printers, connecting to various internal web system services, are basically OK.

The Ubuntu operating system can always be upgraded for free, and in recently I switch OS from Windows to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS then upgrade to 20.04 LTS. Basically, Ubuntu has a lot of software that can be used instead, and the effect is not bad. Your habit has to be changed, but the transition is much smoother after switch OS.

The only thing I have to switch to Windows is to use corporate online banking. It can only be said that the development speed of these banks is too slow, and the secure Linux operating system support is the last. Give priority to insecure Windows? I remember there was a case a few years ago that allowed ATM networks to dispense money remotely, alas! Isn't that all accidents from the Windows system?

The other is that it is not possible to use business certificates on Ubuntu. It can only be said that government agencies completely use Windows to think about the system and lack the ability to cross-platform. In other words, to switch works on Ubuntu, you still need a Windows backup machine.

Remember that Linux infection is very rare, but you must prevent hackers from intruding. Nowadays, there are too many program exploits  and attack methods are changing with each passing day. Even if the underlying Linux operating system is not damaged, it is very common to be used as a springboard to attack other systems.

Of course, there are still many proprietary software only available for Windows, such as photoshop. But there is a corresponding free GIMP on Ubuntu! If you must run Windows programs, you can also try WINE to run on Ubuntu. In short, to bypass the many small hills to arrive in Rome, one must think about finding alternatives.

After solving these annoying problems, the world will be brighter. Talking about program development and artificial intelligence/machine learning, Ubuntu Desktop provides complete tools and teaching materials, plus a wealth of open source software is available, making it easy to do any projects.

As for those who want to use ubuntu desktop, but there is no suitable machine and environment available, you may need to consider an Ubuntu desktop or laptop. Although you can consider using virtualbox or WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) to install it, you cannot use the GPU or lack a GUI graphical interface. This method of use is not efficient and cannot fully experience the Ubuntu desktop. Moreover, WSL also has the issue of compatibility with Windows and Linux file systems. I can only say that you can use virtualbox or WSL to install ubuntu desktop for short-term testing. If you want to run some projects, especially GPUs, a good-performance Ubuntu desktop or laptop can provide complete Ubuntu desktop computing. In fact, the Ubuntu desktop is currently available for mature applications, and there is no need to hide under other operating systems. After you use it, you don't want to go back to Mac or Windows. After all, the hardware requirements of Ubuntu Desktop are not high, and you can handle it with a normal computer.

In short, the desktop operating system is a user interface. It is the joint effort of everyone to have a safe and provide many high-quality open source software. All roads lead to Rome, don’t just be obsessed with the Windows highway. Ubuntu Desktop, this country road is very easy to use, isn't it?

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